February 22, 2017

Stratacut – 101 The Basics

The Basic First Set of Rules of Strata Cut:

OR … How to ‘think’ like a TIME SCULPTOR … ( in a brief nutshell!)

1) A line cut directly coming toward the camera lens IS NOT animation. A line cut at an angle to the camera IS MOTION.

2) The amount of that angle, precisely and always will change the visual speed of the animation, and the apparent thickness of the line.

3) Faster geometric motions are also in fact visually fatter.  (This is kind of like a metaphor for relativity effects ,where speed distorts shape and slower apparent motion is also thinner or a more normal looking shape (when closer to being at rest, or with no motion.)

4) A line turned directly perpendicular to the camera (turned 90 degrees sideways to the cutting view angle) is a single flash. It is an ‘instant frame’ that appears and disappears with no lead in, or lead out.

After those 4 rules, it’s time to explore some basic geometric shapes like cones, boxes, pyramids, globes and discs: How each shape defines a different animation shape, and speed of motion.

All geometry is in fact potential animation waiting to be unlocked.

All shapes in the world are possible Strata Cut, just waiting to be kinetic and revealed.

Now move along to the next tutorial, number 102, then 103 and so forth, and keep discovering and learning.