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Stratacut 101


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Stratacut 201

Good basic quick animation, with effective results.

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Stratacut 301

Here I show how to make on of the basic simple animations you can do with ‘time sculpture.’

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Stratacut 401

How to pull clay out of molds and put them together later to create a time extruded strata cut animation cycle.

You can view more tutorials on Youtube

David Daniels

The Insanimator

In addition to being a master of cinematic storytelling and bringing life to animated characters, “Insanimator” (and BENT IMAGE LAB co-founder) David Daniels has a staggering list of professional achievements, one of them being inventing an entirely new animation medium. Coined STRATA-CUT. The technique involves a time/space motion/sculpted approach to clay animation, unlike anything else.

With a Masters Degree in Animation from Cal Arts, Daniels’ expertise includes computer, clay, foam, character, and mixed-media animation. Early in his career, he animated some of the most remembered parts of Pee Wee’s playhouse, and large sections of Peter Gabriel’s ground-breaking music video Big Time. David later directed the original twelve M & M spots, helping define the CG designs of Yellow, Blue, Red and Green personalities that are still being used over a decade later. His industry bling includes a first place AICP award, Clios, Mobius awards and Daytime Emmys. His Clients include HP, Fox, MTV, NBC, Pepsi, Nabisco, Mars, Tinactin (with John Madden), and Kelloggs’. David’s work for Coca Cola on “Hidden Formula” (co-directed with Ray DiCarlo) challenges the viewer’s perception of scale and physical relationships, employing “Smallgantics” and “Bigatures,” two methods created in collaboration with the BENT team.

Speaking of Commercial Work!

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