Strata Cut Finished in 2012, shot in 1990.

I tried to finish it in the spirit of when it was first created:

Mitosis of the common cell, becomes the infant of the world, growing into the multiple views of human existence we each represent in all our different shapes attitudes and colors. Hug, Kiss, hang onto each other. Simple, basic, psychomorphic hope and love.

I guess I felt this way at the time, so I tried to keep the chunky handmade optimism of it all, even 22 years later, and bypass my current world view. I am now much more about the ‘time knife’ taking a cut each day out of each of us, about the caution of the mortal coil, and the fragility of our thread. I now focus a jaded eye to the juxtaposition of opposites. I now think in a palate of chrome and rust contrasting against unbridled color and lost childhood freedoms.

Back to the point … when I made this, it was more purely about optimism and universal themes of common good and finding the light. So I tried to keep that naive feel.

I played this footage back on ‘two’s’ mostly, to allow you to enjoy the changing shapes and things a bit more … to slow it down, and take a stroll, be unhurried, and not a sprint ahead like some of my other work.

Soundtrack composed and sung by my son 15 year old son Truman, with a back-masking secondary track, and a few simple effects and AE mix by me.