These are all the parts I directed from the Peter Gabriel Rock Video in December 1986, released in early 1987.

I collected the clips into one ‘cut down’ series of excerpts, so you can see my work against the rest of the other great stuff in the video done by Wayne White, and Steve Johnson, who directed the overall live action blue screen elements and oversaw the whole piece in edit. Prudence Fenton produced.

In addition to the Strata Cut that most people know me for, I set up and directed and led the animation the opening sequence … pottery clay dried out over Plasticine clay, with syringe injected slip pottery clay to create the growing bubbles one frame at a time. The set also had paddles and wood beneath the animated terrain and mountains, that bumped up and down and animated to the music. that opening was animated with Peter Wallach and Spencer Cook in an all day and night 26 hour straight ahead three way marathon … crazy times.

All this work, over a minute, was done in the period of four weeks. Exhausting at the time, I was brain-dead at the end, but I was young enough to push through.

I remember curling up in the closet at Peter Wallach’s loft studio, in no-ho NY, curling up in a fetal position for 3 hours between 4pm and 7 am each night to sleep, before starting another day.