This site is still half under construction, and is a bit of a work in progress. Forgive me for awhile as I build it further.

My hope is to complete most of the features and clean it up by the end of 2012. So while some of it will wait to be fully implemented, I focused on setting up the ‘HOW TO’ section and the lessons. I will add to these lessons as I create more things, and post them over time.

I have posted most of the actual clips worth watching under classic, and recent strata. I have a few more hidden gems, but this is almost all worth watching.

To use this site as a learning tool, click on the ‘HOW TO’ Strata Cut LESSONS tab twice, or scroll the menu, and click on any of the tabs inside: 101,201,301,401,501,601. Each of these is a greater ‘level’ of difficulty or intensity, and within each you’ll find a dozen or more additional clips. (101, 102, 103 …. etc.)

Make sure you try and find an S3D screen to watch on if you can. Learning this is so much easier when you can make out the shapes ‘in depth.’

If you click around and get broken un-functioning links :-( , send a post and understand it is a part time labor of love I might try to fix. While a structure is mostly here, the details and fixes to ‘fill this out’ and populate some parts fully may still many months off.

Thanks in advance for your patience. Get what you can out of any material here in the mean time.

Anyway you slice it,


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  1. Lea Zagury
    April 21, 2012

    Great site David!!! I am asking Marcos to write about it in the blog.
    I hope I can finish doing ANIMA MUNDI so I can try these incredible technique!!