Here I am contemplating the strata Cut properties in the shape of an orange!

These are photos of me, during the claytown period. This is where plasticine was put into my blood. We used to play at claytown most nights, often long past our bedtimes. My sleep habbits are still pretty erratic from this young pattern, but it was so compelling, who could stop? Time just flew.

Above … is my oldest sister Cary, feeding her very much younger brother.

This last one is age 2, with my brother Mark, my eldest sister Cary, and my slightly older sister Shelley.

Doing clay together made us want to stay up late.

This pattern was set early in my life and continued through my productive teens and twenties. I keep to much more of a semi organized regular schedule now, but the lure of a ‘late nighter’ pulls me away now and again even today, if I get deeply embedded in a problem solving sculptural shape.

The worst pattern was when I did Buzz Box mostly from the hours of 6pm to 6am. I would sleep until noon in the Cal Arts parking lot (in my orange 68 chevy van) and then go to class and eat, then go back to work 12 hours, all at night.

Actually even worse than that was Big Time. That was 4 straight weeks, I mean 30 straight days of work, with 2 hours of sleep each night. I was wobbly and barely functioning by the end, but it had to be done, and there was no one to ‘teach’ in such a short time. People did help me ‘sous chef’ … I did have a bit of help chopping up clay textures. Some thing anyone who is a good cook, or a crafts person can help with, given minimal instruction.