Here are photos from Claytown. This is how my journey into Strata Cut started, at age 5, sitting around the kitchen table with my two sisters, Cary and Shelley.

You will notice we kind of carved out territories with ribbons and ropes of clay as boundaries, and filled them with characters and people.

When I turned eight years old, I remember my sister making a birthday cake out of clay. When she sliced it up, all the clean inside shapes showed up, they had not dissappeared!!!

That’s me at the top of the table in blue pajamas in above photo.

That is my oldest sister Cary in the red dress in the lower left side of frame. She told stories and soap operas with her characters. Love interests and relationships.

That is my sister Shelley in the above photo. She had a natural sculpting gift, and went on later to sculpt jack skellington in nightmare before christmas, and some other early pixar characters. Her talent ‘pulled’ me along when I was young, to get much better very early, since she was so good, I tried to catch up.

The above photos show you the beginning of it all. The birthday cake moment stuck with me until I was 22, and sat down to really hack out the way to control this phenomena. Trial and error, catalogue and remember, figure out some principles, and figure out some more.